Tips for Choosing a Family Dentist in a New Town or City

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Tasked with the responsibility of managing the overall oral health care needs of individuals and entire families, general dentists handle significant patient loads throughout the year. If you have just moved to a new town or city, finding a dentist for your family is an important part of settling in. Not all dental practices are created equal, so you must choose wisely. Consider the following factors when deciding which dentist is right for your family.

14 June 2022

4 Reasons Why Your Teeth Aren't As White As They Were

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If you've noticed that your smile doesn't seem as bright as it used to be, then your teeth might have changed colour. They might more of a yellow shade. Or they might have staining on them. This can happen for a few different reasons. What are they? 1. You Aren't Paying Enough Attention to Your Teeth It's easy to become a little complacent about cleaning your teeth. People sometimes get out of the habit of brushing twice a day.

22 April 2022

Whitening Teeth With Fillings: How to Achieve the Best Results

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Teeth whitening is your way of giving your teeth some assistance to look their best. Of course, your teeth may have needed a different type of assistance in the past. Although a cavity is corrected with the objective of making the filling look like it's a natural part of your dental enamel, it's not in fact a natural part of your tooth. As such, there are certain considerations when you whiten teeth that have had cavities filled in the past.

23 February 2022

Critical Attributes to Look for in an Emergency Dental Clinic

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Access to immediate medical care is crucial during a dental emergency. It does not matter whether a dental emergency involves a painful cavity or a knocked-out tooth in a sports match. Waiting longer than necessary can exacerbate a dental problem and cause unnecessary complications. Therefore, you should not wait for a dental emergency to occur to look for an emergency clinic. Unfortunately, many people do not look for an emergency dentist until they need one, which delays treatment.

10 January 2022

5 Ways Dentures Improve Your Life

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If you have damaged or missing teeth, dentures can bring back your smile. You can opt for either partial or complete dentures. Modern dentures are comfortable to wear with pleasing aesthetics to boot. Even better, you can get tailor-made dentures that blend with your real teeth and allow for a snug fit. Check out five ways that new dentures can improve your life. Improve Your Speech Are your missing teeth affecting your speech?

12 November 2021

Lesser-Known Benefits of Loose Denture Relining

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Dentures are excellent teeth replacement solutions for patients with severe tooth loss but healthy gums and jawbone tissues. In addition, dentures can restore your smile and social life, especially if a patient is wary of their toothlessness. That said, dentures loosen over time for various reasons, but mainly due to wear, tear, and misuse. Therefore, it is essential to have your dentures relined from time to time. This article highlights the lesser-known benefits of loose denture relining services.

1 October 2021

Food Items to Avoid During Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Teeth whitening, whether done by a professional or using at-home kits, is an all-encompassing procedure. Notably, patients would love to retain their lifestyle during treatment and still achieve pearly white teeth once the process is complete. However, teeth whitening is demanding, and patients must make significant changes to their lifestyles to get the best results. Your diet is one area you must assess because some foods and beverages can derail the treatment process.

18 August 2021

3 Common Dental Emergencies and When to Visit a Dentist

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Dental emergencies often happen when you are least prepared. For example, you could be fine enjoying a leisurely dinner with friends, only to chip a tooth and develop excruciating pain. Therefore, it is advisable to have the contacts of a competent emergency dentist close to you. However, in addition to the emergency contact, you should consider learning some basic emergency dental procedures. Here are three of the most common dental emergencies and instances when you need to visit a dentist urgently.

29 June 2021

4 Tips to Prevent Dry Socket Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure that dentists carry out all the time. Most people recover without any complications, but a few people develop a condition known as dry socket, which can be quite painful. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot, which forms in the gums after a tooth is removed, detaches too early, before healing has finished. Here are a few tips that can help you to avoid dry socket following wisdom teeth removal.

24 May 2021

5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Routine

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Everyone has heard the dentist say it: brush, floss, rinse. The underlying meaning is that you need to do all three of these tasks on a regular basis to keep your mouth healthy and avoid cavities and gingivitis. Sometimes doing these things can be a hassle though; flossing is hard, getting the right amount of toothpaste on your brush can be annoying, and sometimes you just don't have the time to rinse or brush.

13 April 2021