Lesser-Known Benefits of Loose Denture Relining

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Dentures are excellent teeth replacement solutions for patients with severe tooth loss but healthy gums and jawbone tissues. In addition, dentures can restore your smile and social life, especially if a patient is wary of their toothlessness. That said, dentures loosen over time for various reasons, but mainly due to wear, tear, and misuse. Therefore, it is essential to have your dentures relined from time to time. This article highlights the lesser-known benefits of loose denture relining services.

1. Have a Cleaner Mouth

Dentists must ensure that the base is adequately glued to your palate when installing dentures. It provides a tight fit and prevents gaps where food particles can easily get trapped. However, when dentures start loosening, gaps appear between the device and mouth tissue. Unfortunately, food particles can easily lodge in the spaces and remain there for a long time. However, trapped food particles begin to decay with time, leaving you with bad breath and infections if loose dentures cause sores. Therefore, relining loose dentures in good time prevents food particles from lodging behind the devices, ensuring good oral hygiene.

2. Enjoy a Variety of Foods

There are many disadvantages to being toothless, and one of them is not being able to enjoy your favourite foods. Although dentures are not as strong as natural teeth, they can still allow you to enjoy most of your favourite meals. However, it becomes challenging to chew when dentures start to feel loose. Consequently, you start avoiding foods that might cause your dentures to slip and fall off your mouth. However, it limits your diet and nutritional uptake. By relining loose dentures in good time, you can continue enjoying various foods, ensuring that you do not miss essential nutrients.

3. Pay Lower Dental Care Costs

High-quality dentures are made from acrylic, nylon, porcelain, or resin. Although the material a dentist chooses to fabricate your denture depends on factors such as your mouth and preference for cosmetic dentistry, dentures are durable with proper care. However, when dentures get loose and start moving around your mouth, they can easily break. When it happens, a dentist must repair or fabricate a new ser, which costs money. On the other hand, relining loose dentures restores their fit inside the mouth and stops them from slipping. Thus, it prevents breakage and helps you avoid unplanned dental care costs. Besides, it saves time since you don't have to book dental appointments.


1 October 2021

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