Food Items to Avoid During Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Teeth whitening, whether done by a professional or using at-home kits, is an all-encompassing procedure. Notably, patients would love to retain their lifestyle during treatment and still achieve pearly white teeth once the process is complete. However, teeth whitening is demanding, and patients must make significant changes to their lifestyles to get the best results. Your diet is one area you must assess because some foods and beverages can derail the treatment process. This article highlights foods you must avoid to accelerate the teeth whitening process and prevent restaining.

Red Wine 

Wine is perhaps one of the most significant contributors to stained teeth, and drinking some, even occasionally, during teeth whitening treatment does nothing but derail the process. The reason is that red wine contains acids, tannin and dyes, which lead to dyed saliva. As dyed saliva coats your teeth, acids from the wine soften and damage the enamel, promoting staining. Therefore, drinking red wine with your dessert or dinner right after undergoing a teeth whitening procedure only defeats the purpose. Some people brush their teeth immediately after taking wine. However, it does not make much difference because teeth whitening solutions make your teeth porous, albeit temporarily. Therefore, the wine gets absorbed faster into the teeth.

Black Coffee 

Another thing that you should stay away from during teeth whitening treatment is coffee. As much as you love your daily dose of caffeine, it is not worth the time and money you spend on a teeth whitening procedure. It can be attributed to the fact that caffeine causes the teeth to turn yellow in a matter of minutes. However, coffee stains the teeth superficially, unlike wine, where acids damage the enamel and make it more porous and receptive to stains. It means that it is easier to manage coffee stains than wine's discolouration. Nonetheless, it is still unwise to drink black coffee during teeth whitening. If you must drink coffee, mix it with a copious amount of milk. The fats in milk coat the enamel and prevent potential staining after a teeth whitening procedure.

Citrus Fruits 

Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are the two most common temporary effects of teeth whitening. Eating citrus fruit increases teeth sensitivity, making it challenging to drink cold and hot drinks. Besides, brushing highly sensitive teeth tends to be painful. Therefore, what is the point of whitening your teeth if you cannot brush or floss them? If you want to retain routine oral care after teeth whitening, keep away from citrus fruits.


18 August 2021

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