What to Expect During an Emergency Dental Visit

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One of the leading reasons that someone needs an emergency dentist is due to pain in the tooth. This pain can be due to infection, a broken tooth or a missing filling. Each of these issues can happen at any time and may require emergency or immediate care. If you have never had to have an emergency dental visit, there are a few things about the process you will need to know in order to be prepared for the visit. Here are a few of the key points of the process and what you need to know about each one. 

Visual Examination

The first thing to expect during an emergency dentistry visit is a visual examination. This part of the process can include a visual examination by the dentist as well as an x-ray exam to determine if there are any root damages or further damage beyond the initial tooth issue. The x-ray may be one done with bite tabs, or it could be an advanced scanning option. Regardless of the type of x-ray that is used, you will likely have the results of that x-ray rather quickly so the dentist can determine what steps will be necessary next.

Infection Presence

In many cases, if you are having pain in the tooth that is not due to a broken tooth or missing filling, infection may be part of the issue. The dentist will examine the area to determine if there is an infection present. If they do find an infection, the next course of action may be to either prescribe medication to help reduce inflammation and stop the infection or to remove the tooth if the infection is caused by rotting or decay that could spread throughout the mouth. 

Emergency Treatment

The final step to expect when you have an emergency dentistry visit is the actual emergency treatment. Depending on your needs, this treatment could be the extraction of a tooth. It could also be an emergency filling to replace a lost or broken filling. If the tooth is infected, a root canal is necessary, or if the issue requires cosmetic dentistry, the emergency dentist may refer to you a specialist or back to your normal dentist for further treatment options. 

If you do need emergency dentistry care, make sure to have your dental insurance card and contact your local emergency dentist. They can answer your questions about hours, location and payment. They can also direct you to a nearby clinic if they are unable to help you with your specific emergency dental need. 


27 September 2019

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