What Makes Implant Dentures a Better Choice for You

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Despite the improvements dental care has experienced over the years, people continue to lose teeth, mainly due to periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. For many years, people who experienced tooth loss could only undergo the dentures and bridges treatment. But, thanks to the advancement of technology, implant dentures have become easily accessible.

Dental implants are tooth root replacements that provide a foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth that match your original teeth. Unlike traditional dental implants that simply sit on your roots, implant dentures are firmly anchored in your jawbone, and this gives your replacement teeth an original look. Other reasons that implant dentures are a better choice include the following:

They Are Durable

Traditional dentures can sometimes cause the deterioration of the jawbone. The reason for this is that traditional dentures cause the jawbone to start to weaken because the teeth are gone. This is why individuals using traditional dentures have to replace them regularly. But with the use of implant dentures, the jawbone is stimulated. This helps to preserve your jawbone, and the dentures continue fitting. This makes the implant dentures more permanent and durable.

They Are Functional

One way dentists hold traditional dentures is with suction. But dentures can become dislodged and then fall out or slide around your mouth. This can make it hard for your teeth to function appropriately. Implant dentures are securely held in using dental implants. This makes it possible to laugh loudly or speak clearly without having to worry about your dentures falling out. You can also eat a wide range of foods and chew naturally.

Excellent Stability

Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants are anchored to the jawbone directly, like natural teeth. This makes it possible for anyone with implant dentures to stop having to rely on soft foods and start enjoying wide varieties of food like anyone else. Also, the stability these teeth offer makes it possible to speak with complete clarity, as they stay firmly in place.

Improve Your Quality of Life

People with implant dentures often suffer from numerous difficulties before they opt to pursue this type of treatment. With implant dentures, they can increase their self-esteem and confidence. Implant dentures also help them improve their jaw mobility and decrease the pain they feel in their mouth. This, in turn, helps them improve their quality of life.

With implant dentures, you no longer have to worry about removing them at all. And this makes them perfect for your jaw and your life.


10 July 2019

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