How to Prepare Your Autistic Child for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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As the parent of an autistic child, you likely have already dealt with trips to the dentist. You may have even narrowed down the dentist to one that works well with autistic children. What you may not have dealt with are teeth extractions. This can be a huge issue if you are now facing an appointment, or series of appointments, for your autistic child's wisdom teeth removal. If this sounds like the situation you are in, here are a few ways to prepare them for the process.

Discuss Medication Options

If you do not think your autistic child will handle the procedure well, consider discussing the option of temporary medication for your child. This can be in the form of a medication given to the child directly before the appointment or at the start of the appointment. The medications can be used to soothe anxiety or to act as a way to help the child rest through the appointment. Before you choose this option, if it is available, make sure you understand how your child may react when the medication fades. This knowledge will help you prepare for their reaction leaving the office, in the car or when they get home.

Delay Discussion of the Removal 

Though you may be used to discussing appointments and events ahead of time, a surgical appointment can be different. Your child may understand the concept of what will happen with having their wisdom teeth removed. The problem may be the anxiety that is built up from having it discussed too often leading up the appointment. For example, if you discuss the appointment for just a day or so they may have less anxiety and fear over having a month-long build-up to be worried, anxious and in fear of what will happen.

Prepare for After Care

You may already know what types of foods your autistic child can eat following the wisdom tooth removal. Take the chance and go shopping with your child a few days before the appointment. Let them choose the foods they want to give them something positive to look forward to after the appointment is over. This can help with anxiety and help your child better cope with the appointment.

These are just a few of the ways you can use to prepare your autistic child for wisdom teeth removal appointments. If you are still concerned about how your child may react before, during or following the procedure, consider a consultation with your child's occupational or ABA therapist. They can give you more insight into the things that may work for your specific child.

To learn more about preparing your child for a wisdom tooth extraction, click here for more info.


12 November 2018

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