Not Crazy About Craze Lines: How Whitening Can Help to Hide the Craze Lines in Your Teeth

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Have you been noticing that your teeth look as though they are covered in cracks or small scratches, especially after drinking wine or coffee? Don't fret. You probably have craze lines. Fortunately, unlike actual cracks in your enamel, which would cause pain and sensitivity, craze lines are a naturally occurring phenomenon and not a sign that your teeth are falling apart.

Craze lines usually appear as vertical lines on teeth and occur over time due to wear and tear. The only time craze lines might actually become cracks is if your teeth experience substantial stress, such as a blow to a tooth or a collision. Despite their innocuousness, craze lines can affect your appearance, especially after you eat staining foods like blueberries. Smoking also gradually stains craze lines, making them appear worse than they really are. But, there is a solution.

How Teeth Whitening Can Hide Craze Lines

Craze lines usually become more prominent due to the presence of stains on teeth. Stains on teeth are caused by a build-up of food particles, tannins in coffee and tea, and stain-causing bacteria that live in your mouth. Fortunately, teeth whitening can remove these stains and reduce the prominence of the craze lines.

The bleaching agent (peroxide) used in some whitening treatments reacts with the staining molecules on your teeth, causing a chemical reaction that destroys the stains and leaves your teeth looking naturally white. The removal of the stains will also make your craze lines less obvious.

Bonding Also Covers Craze Lines

Composite binding can be used alone or in conjunction with whitening to cover up prominent craze lines. By applying composite resin, the same tooth-coloured material that is used to fill teeth, to the craze lines, the craze lines become invisible.

Bonding lasts on average for up to 10 years so you will need to replace the bonding at some point in the future.

Try to Identify What Might be Causing the Lines

Habits such as nail-biting, pen chewing and nocturnal grinding all contribute to the formation of craze lines on your teeth. If you are concerned about what might be causing them, try to identify the habit and put a stop to it. Otherwise, be aware that as people age, craze lines may appear on their teeth due to simple wear and tear and are not a sign that something is wrong.

If your craze lines are driving you crazy, speak to a dentist about having your teeth whitened. If your teeth are extremely sensitive, consider using bonding or veneers instead.


1 August 2017

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