Child Has A Toothache? 3 Actionable Guidelines To Plan A Crucial Dental Assessment Without Making Kids Anxious

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When your kids have toothaches, your heart probably breaks to see them in pain. No parent ever wants to see kids suffer, so you'll want to do everything possible to alleviate the pain. You'll likely give them pain-numbing medication or you may give them salt water to reduce soreness. This may temporarily solve the problem, but you'll naturally want to get to the root of the issue. Follow these actionable guidelines to plan a dental assessment without making your kids anxious.

Organise An Examination As Soon As Possible

More often than not, some type of bacteria or plaque caught on teeth triggers toothaches. If left ignored for too long, this bacteria will result in tooth decay. To prevent this from happening, schedule an examination at the dental clinic as soon as possible. Even if your children want to stay away from the clinic, keep in mind that your responsibility is to ensure their overall wellbeing, which includes oral health. If your health insurance covers dental for kids, keep the details with you. Some private health insurers pay for the full cost of dental examinations, so you won't have to pay out of pocket at the clinic.

Choose A Morning To Accommodate Enough Time For Corrective Action  

If possible, pick a time in the morning for the dental assessment, so that the dentist can determine the extent of the problem and take corrective action immediately. If you end up scheduling an assessment towards the later half of the day, then there may not be enough time to undertake a remedial procedure, especially if it is expected to take a few hours. You will then have to organise another appointment the following day, which means that your child will end up going through tooth pain longer.

Talk To The Professionals Separately About The Remedial Procedure

If you think that your child won't be able to handle the anxiety of discussing the remedial procedure, talk to the professionals separately to fully comprehend the recommended treatment. As a parent who understands your child's behaviour, you may be in the best position to gently explain the procedure in a manner that he or she understands best. For instance, if the remedy is getting a root canal or tooth filling for a badly damaged tooth, explain to your kids how this is expected to make their teeth healthier. Avoid injecting any negative feelings associated with pain or drilling. Assure your kids that you will remain with them throughout, so that they feel less anxious about any professional treatments.

Follow these guidelines and help your kids enjoy a toothache-free lifestyle.


30 September 2016

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