Braces: The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

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Braces are the standard treatment used by a dentist to correct misaligned teeth. You no longer have to opt to have metal braces fitted. Modern clear braces are available, which reduce the visual impact of receiving this treatment, or you may choose colour braces which match the shade of your teeth. While braces are a very effective treatment option, some people avoid having them fitted because of misconceptions about what having braces fitted involves. Below are the answers to some common question about braces.

Will having braces fitted be painful?

Many people assume that wearing braces will be a very painful experience. This is often because of the sight of metal attached to the inside of someone's mouth. However, while having the wire of your brace tightening can cause some discomfort, you should not experience any significant pain on a day-to-day basis when wearing your braces. Treatment with braces is designed to slowly and painlessly move your teeth into a new position over a period of many months or years. If you do experience pain when wearing braces, you should speak with your dentist. They may recommend pain medication or a topical ointment if the braces are causing pain to the surrounding tissues inside your mouth.

Will you be able to keep your teeth clean while wearing braces?

Your dentist will be able to provide you with full instructions which detail the steps you need to take to clean your teeth while wearing braces. They may provide you with a small brush which will allow you to remove any plaque or food which has built-up between the wires of the braces. You should also use mouthwash to ensure you can clean any hard to reach places in your mouth. Your dentist will be able to help keep your teeth clean by using specialist tools to remove any plaque or tartar from your teeth and braces at your next check up. 

Can you wear braces if you have capped teeth or veneers?

If you have veneers or capped teeth, you may be wondering if you are a suitable candidate for treatment with braces. In most cases, braces will be just as effective on people with veneers or capped teeth as they are on individuals with natural teeth. If you have any concerns about the conditions of your veneers or capped teeth, you should book an appointment with your dentist so they can ensure they are properly bonded to your teeth and ensure that braces will not cause any damage to them.

If you have any further questions about braces, contact your dentist today.


16 September 2016

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