Five Things to Bear in Mind If You Are Suffering with Denture Pain

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If you're still getting used to wearing dentures, it's not uncommon to suffer some discomfort during the process. However if the amount of pain is becoming difficult to cope with, what are the likely culprits and what can you do about this?

Could Time Be the Culprit?

Bear in mind that there are some more general and less specific reasons associated with denture pain, such as the natural process associated with shrinking gums as you age, or simple wear and tear. In both these cases, your dentist may advise full replacements instead.

Suction Problems

Further adjustments may be needed by your dentist if you find that there is a lack of suction. In this situation, the upper or lower part of the denture will come away from its placing, especially when you are eating. Normally, the denture will remain in place a lot more easily at the top, as suction is naturally caused by air that stays between the roof of your mouth and the palate. This situation is not the same for your lower dentures, however. These can be somewhat more prone to movement and may require an adjustment by your dentist.

Could It Be Settlement?

While the type of denture that is normally fitted in the modern era is computer designed according to the particular irregularities of your mouth, there may nevertheless be a process known as "settlement" in play. When this happens, the dentures may start to come into contact with part of your bone structure and areas of tissue surrounding your gums. This would require your dentist to realign the dentures, so that they fit a lot more comfortably within your mouth. By realigning this way, the dentist will alleviate many of the pressure points that are causing pain and discomfort.

Soft Liner Alternative

If you've already had several adjustments and find that you still have some issues, then maybe your dentist can install what is known as a soft liner. This is fitted into the denture and helps alleviate the stress associated with painful gums. Once the discomfort has gone away, then a more permanent liner can be installed instead of the soft option.

Focusing on Lifestyle

Finally, don't forget that you can make adjustments to your lifestyle to make it easier to cope with the dentures. Make sure that you brush and floss after each meal and try and avoid too much alcohol consumption. This can lead to dehydration within the tissues of the mouth, which can in turn create some sore areas.


23 June 2016

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