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Taking control of your dental health and needs is important. One way of doing this besides observing good dental hygiene is having a go-to dentist. A dentist near you is a good option as the benefits of proximity can save you a lot of hustles and inconveniences. Below are major benefits you should know about and put into consideration when it comes to having your dentist within your reach.


You will find that at times, it is impossible to contact your dentist. Sometimes systems are down, and no phone goes through. Also, it could be that the dentist's office is closed indefinitely or temporarily. It is hard to clarify some of these concerns, and it becomes even harder if your dentist is miles away.

If your dentist is within your convenient reach, it will be easy for you to walk or drive there and get firsthand information on what is going on. Afterward, you will know whether to make another appointment or visit another dentist. Otherwise, if your dentist is far, you might travel all the way only to find that the office has been relocated to another state or country.

Better Management of Emergencies

Emergencies require immediate attention, and if your dentist is not within, the worst could happen. Common dental emergencies include, dislodged teeth, a broken tooth, lost filling, a dislocated jaw, or abscess.

If you or a family member is prone to suffer from any dental emergencies, it is advisable for you to get a dentist within your reach. Often, in most emergencies there is no time to book an appointment hence, the sooner you get to the clinic the easier it will be to contain the problem.

Cost Effective

If your dentist is nearby, you will save on transport expenses you would otherwise incur when visiting a dentist far away.  In fact, the cost of dental care will escalate when you bring your entire family into the picture. Probably, you will have to travel every month, or several times in a month so as to meet the needs of each member of your family.

Do research and identify a good dentist near you. You should also visit the dental clinic or hospital where the dentist is located, and find out whether their services meet your needs.


The convenience of having your dentist near you cannot be overemphasized given the busy schedules, traffic, and overall life demands. You need to make time for your appointments, and those of your family members. If your dentist is far from where you live and work, you may find that you will miss one too many appointments, which is detrimental to your dental health.

Consider having one dentist for your family, and especially one who is within reach. This approach will help you be able to squeeze in early morning and late night appointments into your schedule.

The tips above will help you understand key things to consider when searching for a dentist (like Dr David Young & Associates Dental Surgeons) for you and your family.


16 March 2016

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