Popular Trends in the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

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With the increasing technological advancements that the cosmetic industry is experiencing, the current dental treatments are now more durable than they have ever been. In addition to this, cosmetic dentistry now primarily focus on trying to retain as much as your natural tooth structure as they possibly can, thus making cosmetic dental procedures more conservative. This translates to natural-looking results that can be enjoyed by everyone, and not simply celebrities and the elite.

With these advancements and the cosmetic dental procedures being within reach of the average person, there has been a steady growth in popularity of this industry. Here are some of the popular trends in cosmetic dentistry that you could consider to enhance your smile and overall appearance.

Composite Bonding

Most people will experience minor trauma to their teeth that will result in chipping or cracking. Since these tend to be mild, they typically will not affect the functioning of your teeth. However, they could be conspicuous and thus can make some people lose confidence in their smiles. The good news is that these minor chips and cracks can easily be rectified through composite bonding.

The cosmetic dentist will apply a composite material that is similar in colour to your tooth enamel. The dentist will then sculpt the composite material until it is perfectly contoured with the affected tooth. This process is finished off by hardening the composite material with the use of high intensity light. The result is a restored tooth that blends effortlessly with your adjacent teeth. Composite bonding is also a treatment option you can consider if your teeth suffer from severe discolouration that cannot be eliminated through teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening

As you grow older, your teeth are destined to get yellower simply due to aging. For some people, this yellowing may be mild enough to leave alone or combat with home whitening kits. However, for others, it may be too conspicuous for them to ignore. Nevertheless, this is not the only cause for teeth changing colour. Your diet, choice of beverages, smoking and more will all play a role in affecting the overall colouration of your teeth.

As such, teeth whitening is becoming popular for adults across the board. The main teeth whitening technique that cosmetic dentists will employ is through the use of laser beams. The cosmetic dentist will apply a whitening agent on your teeth enamel that comprises of carbamide peroxide. They will then focus laser beams on the enamel so that the whitening agent can break down the stains. This is the fastest way to whiten your teeth. Once complete, all you would need to do is rinse out the agent and be on your way home.


20 January 2016

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