The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Dentures

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Dentures are a good choice for persons who have lost most or all of their teeth or who need to have their teeth pulled due to excessive damage or wear. If you've been told that you need dentures or if you know that you should be considering this option, you might have some questions about how they work and why they're a good choice for you. Note a few of those questions here and be sure to discuss them with your dentist for personalized advice.

1. Why aren't dentures worn at night?

It may seem to be a hassle to take out dentures every night, and you might not like waking up to a mouth with no teeth, but your gums needs to rest from having to support your dentures all day. You also need to clean the dentures thoroughly and let them soak for some time so that you can remove all the food particles and other bacteria that may be clinging to the crevices of the dentures. Even if you're embarrassed to sleep without them or wake up without your teeth in, you need to keep them out at night as instructed by your dentist.

2. What is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who has received specialized training in the replacement or of restoration teeth, usually for aesthetic reasons. If you've been recommended to see a prosthodontist for your dentures, this may be to ensure that they fit properly and are shaped and formed around other teeth you will be keeping so that your new dentures look their best and fit your mouth properly.

3. Do dentures always slip?

Dentures may take a bit of getting used to so that they don't slip when you talk or eat, but most denture wearers have no problems with slippage throughout the day once they become accustomed to their new dentures. However, if dentures do consistently slip and slide out of place or they don't seem to feel right in your mouth, this could be because the shape of your face has changed. You may have suffered bone loss, which is not uncommon as you age. In turn, your mouth may be smaller or more curved than it was when you first got dentures. Having dentures refitted or reformed is usually the best solution, so don't assume that you simply need to live with dentures that slip or never seem to stay in place.


29 December 2015

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