3 Quick Repair Tips for Dentures Until You Can Get to a Dentist

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There is a misconception that having dentures  means you won't have to worry about them. All you will need to do is brush them and soak them in a denture cleanser in order to maintain them. The truth is there are several things that can happen to your dentures that may cause an emergency or urgent repair appointment with your denture clinic or dentist. Here are a few of those issues and some quick repair tips that can get you by until you can get into the dental office for professional repairs and assistance.

Broken Denture Teeth

When you are brushing your dentures, there is always a chance you may drop them and break a tooth. If this does happen, you can perform a quick fix to get you by for the day or longer until you can see the dentist. Most stores with oral care sections carry denture repair kits. These kits can handle small repairs like broken teeth or teeth that simply come loose and fall out of the denture casing. This is only a temporary fix, and you will need to follow the directions exactly as they are listed from the kit manufacturer.

Remember, some of these kits will only fix one small issue while others will fix several types. Make sure the kit you purchase clearly states it is for broken or missing denture teeth.  Also, take the kit with you when you go to the dentist to show what you used. This will help speed the repair since they know what temporary glue or adhesive was used.

Loose Lining

One of the more common types of maintenance repair or service for dentures deals with the lining. Overtime the lining may wear down, which leads to a loose fit. If this has happened to you, you may be inclined to use more glue to keep the dentures in place. Though this may work for you in some situations, you should consider using temporary liners found in oral care sections of most stores. These temporary liners are thicker and attach to your dentures to provide that additional padding without the extra glue. These will get you by until you can schedule an appointment to have your dentures relined and a new fitting performed.

Crack in the Dentures

If you have dropped your dentures and a crack occurred, you may want to consider a small crack repair kit. These kits will contain an acrylic that can be placed on the crack and fill in the cracked line or seam. These kits are generally frowned upon because, in some cases, they can void warranty or insurance coverage on your dentures. This is because when the kit is used incorrectly, it can damage the dentures with too much acrylic or by causing the dentures to break when the acrylic is removed. This causes an entire new set to be required.

These are just a few of the basic denture repair issues that could occur and the quick fix methods you can use.  If you have an issue that you are uncertain about fixing, or if you don't feel comfortable with the possibility of voiding your insurance on your dentures, consider an emergency denture lab instead of waiting on your normal dentist.


29 October 2015

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