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Medical advancements and new technologies have caused modern dentistry to evolve in incredible ways. The evolution has increased the need for extensive education and comprehensive testing. For those interested in becoming modern age dentists, the road may be long but ultimately fulfilling. To become a successful dentist in Australia you will need to meet some requirements:


Earning an undergraduate degree is the first step to becoming a dentist in Australia. Even though the majority of dental schools prefer candidates who possess a bachelor's degree, there is no particular major that is preferred over others. A lot of students choose science and math majors because coursework in biology, chemistry and other disciplines of a similar nature simultaneously satisfy prerequisites of dental school. Undergraduate degrees in the majors mentioned will also prepare prospective students for any dental school admittance exams.

Admission test

All candidates wishing to join dental school must take the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Passing the test guarantees admittance into the dental program of their choice. All applicants must take the test at least 12 months before their dental school start date. However, it is advisable for applicants take the exam sooner where possible. DAT is used to gauge a candidates overall academic ability and understanding of scientific information.

Dental school

The successful completion of a four year dental program is the next step to becoming a dentist. Courses will focus on microbiology, chemical dependency and healthcare management. Participating students will develop hands-on skills using practical experiences supervised by a licensed dentist. Applicants with exceptional undergraduate transcripts and high DAT scores have a higher likelihood of being accepted into a dental program.

Extracurricular activities, like student leadership and volunteer work can assist bolster a prospective candidate's dental school application. Students that completed their dental program successfully can earn doctorate or bachelor's degrees in dental surgery, dental science and other related disciplines.

Specialties and licensure

After you have successfully completed dental school, you must get a license in the region you wish to practice dentistry. Each region will have its own requirements for a basic license. However, there are some that may require licensure for dentists practicing in one of the accepted dental specialties. This includes orthodontics and periodontics.

Getting such a license may take an additional 2 – 4 years of post-dental school study. Some regions may require additional testing for certain dental specialties before licensure is provided. These are the steps that will assist anyone become a dentist in Australia.

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15 July 2015

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