Why See a Cosmetic Dentist for Tooth Whitening?

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With so many tooth whitening products on the market today, it may seem like a waste of time and money to visit a cosmetic dentist for a bleaching or other whitening process. While it's true that there are many products available to consumers that all promise to make teeth look pearly white again, and while they may be cheaper than seeing a cosmetic dentist, those products may not always be a good choice.

Note a few reasons why it's good to see a cosmetic dentist for tooth whitening if you're interested in having that process done, rather than buying products at your local pharmacy.

1. Avoid potential damage to teeth

Many consumers reason that the products on store shelves are safe since they need to have government approval to be sold, but remember that something can be deemed safe by the government and yet, not be the healthiest choice.

For instance, some products or brands can dry the skin, clog the pores, and cause irritation and breakouts. The same is true for some forms of teeth bleaching; most use chemicals that may cause damage to the pulp of the tooth if they were to seep into cracks or cavities. In turn, you may eventually need a root canal, which is a surgery on that soft tissue underneath the tooth.

Tooth bleaching can also cause irritation to the gums for some people. A person may then ignore their dental hygiene in that area of the mouth so as to avoid further irritation. This can lead to more damage to the teeth and gum and the risk of cavities because teeth are not getting brushed and cleaned as they should.

2. Heighten the effectiveness

Another concern with using over-the-counter systems to bleach your teeth is that they may not be very effective. To be deemed safe by the government for sales to consumers, bleaches can only be so strong. In turn, you may wind up wasting money on procedures that don't really work, or may be tempted to overuse these products, hoping for a good result. This too can lead to damage to the teeth.

Seeing a cosmetic dentist for tooth whitening can mean an effective process, as he or she can examine your teeth and note the best process for getting them whiter, and you can return for follow-up visits to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. You'll get the whitening strength that is catered to the shade of white you want to achieve.


15 June 2015

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