What Makes Implant Dentures a Better Choice for You

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Despite the improvements dental care has experienced over the years, people continue to lose teeth, mainly due to periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. For many years, people who experienced tooth loss could only undergo the dentures and bridges treatment. But, thanks to the advancement of technology, implant dentures have become easily accessible. Dental implants are tooth root replacements that provide a foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth that match your original teeth.

10 July 2019

Clear Indicators of the Need for Root Canal Therapy

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Oral problems are something everyone will have to experience and deal with at some point in their life. But when it comes to teeth, the source of the issue can be challenging to identify. And if you are unsure of what is wrong, you may chalk it up to a simple toothache and proceed to self-medicate. Nonetheless, some oral problems will not go away with some paracetamol. One such issue is when the pulp inside your tooth becomes compromised.

24 April 2019

Want to Skip the Dental Chair? Try These 3 Out-of-the-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

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Teeth whitening is one of the most in-demand cosmetic dental treatments available today. The vast majority of people who opt for this type of treatment want to fix their stained or discoloured teeth, while the rest simply want a whiter shade for aesthetic reasons.  If your pearly whites are still intact, you can retain their natural colour without sitting on the dental chair for professional teeth whitening treatment. Continue reading on below to discover what your best at-home teeth whitening bets are.

23 January 2019

Mind the Gap! Braces and Missing Teeth

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The road to your perfect smile has the potential to be a long one. In terms of orthodontics, an adult can expect to be wearing those braces for anywhere between 18 months and three years. This timeframe can vary for younger patients whose bodies are still growing, and again, it can be different depending on the braces you end up choosing. But what about when straightening your smile is only one aspect of the road to your perfect smile?

27 December 2018

How to Prepare Your Autistic Child for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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As the parent of an autistic child, you likely have already dealt with trips to the dentist. You may have even narrowed down the dentist to one that works well with autistic children. What you may not have dealt with are teeth extractions. This can be a huge issue if you are now facing an appointment, or series of appointments, for your autistic child's wisdom teeth removal. If this sounds like the situation you are in, here are a few ways to prepare them for the process.

12 November 2018

Find Out What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

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White teeth are the key to a brighter smile. Therefore, if you have dull and yellowed teeth, you may want to consider going for a tooth whitening procedure. However, before you do that, you will want to know a few things first. Knowing what to expect or how the treatment works will help you understand whether or not you're a good candidate or how you can get the most out of the procedure.

21 September 2018

When a Bracket on Your Dental Braces Detaches: Causes and Solutions

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All dental braces are custom braces, meaning that they are configured for your specific smile. This includes the length of the archwire, how often it's adjusted, and the degree of pressure that the archwire exerts via each bracket that has been affixed to the individual teeth. These brackets are generally attached to each tooth using a dental adhesive. In some circumstances, a bracket can detach from the tooth. What can cause this to happen?

21 August 2018

Can You Whiten Your Teeth after Having Braces Removed?

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When you're told that you need to wear braces so that you can straighten out your teeth, you know that you'll need to endure several months of inconvenience as those devices work their magic. You may certainly feel self-conscious about your appearance during this time, but you know that it'll be worth it in the end. Sooner than you may realise, you can go back to the dentist to get him or her to remove these appliances so that you can enjoy your smile and get on with your life.

26 July 2018

Don't Vanish, Veneer! What to Do When a Dental Veneer Falls Off

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Dental veneers are a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and with care, the result is designed with longevity in mind. Taking proper care of your teeth can ensure the durability of the veneer, and yet there are instances where, despite your best efforts, the veneer falls off. What causes this to happen? And what should you do? Don't Swallow If the veneer should dislodge while consuming food, you should cease eating immediately.

29 June 2018

Three Ways to Manage Tooth Sensitivity After Scaling

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If you've just had your teeth and gums scaled as part of a gum disease management program, then your dentist might have warned you that you might have a little pain and discomfort until your mouth settles down again. You may also, however, start to notice that your teeth suddenly become much more sensitive than usual. If this happens, you may find it hard to eat or drink anything hot, cold or sweet without setting your teeth on edge.

8 June 2018