Preventing and Combatting Common Dental Issues

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Although people do not look forward to a visit to their dentist, it is pertinent to ensure proper oral health. The good news is that there are a number of things you can consider to prevent some of the common oral health problems that people face. Here is a handy guide to preventing and combating common dental problems rather than letting them fester and become exacerbated.

Dental caries

Dental caries are commonly referred to as dental cavities. It is decay that will gradually develop as plaque forms on your teeth. If the plaque is left undeterred, the bacteria will start eating into the enamel thus causing the rotting of the tooth. Anyone who uses their teeth to eat is susceptible to the development of dental caries. However, older people and children tend to be the most vulnerable. The best way of preventing the development of dental caries is not to give it a chance. If you have children, you could opt to have sealants installed on their teeth by your dentist. These are plastic coatings that are applied on the back teeth of your kids once their molars start coming out. The elderly are vulnerable to the development of dental caries due to the recession of their gum tissue. This gives bacteria easier access to the roots of their teeth. To combat this, the elderly should seek occasional fluoride treatments from their dentist.

Gum disease

You develop gum disease when plaque begins attacking the ligaments, gums and bone that hold your teeth in place. The onset of gum disease is typically referred to as gingivitis. However, as it progresses and the serious it becomes, it starts to be known as periodontitis. People who are at risk of developing gum diseases are those who are not thorough with their oral hygiene routines. However, you can also develop gum disease if you are already suffering from another health issue such as diabetes. The first sign of this is swollen or bleeding gums. To avoid full-blown periodontitis, it is best to seek medical attention from your dentist immediately so as not to give the disease a chance to progress. Your dentist will typically carry out deep cleaning right at the gum line and in between your teeth to combat any bacterial infection that is developing. However if your gum has been adversely affected, you may have to get a gum graft through oral surgery. You may also require a root canal depend on the extent of the damage.


30 September 2015

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